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Manhole Odor Eliminator - Installed


Manhole Odor FilterA Manhole odor control device. This activated carbon filter system also includes a bladder to buffer the fluctuating pressures in the manhole. Only the peak pressure gasses escape the bladder and are treaded before leaving the manhole.

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Water Decontaminator Trash Capture Unit

Water Decontaminator Catch Basin InsertSite for the WD-TCU, a catch basin insert filter for removing trash from stormwater runoff.

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Seal 'N' Dry - OILN2

Hydraulic Breather SystemThe Seal 'N' Dry is a hydraulic system filter. Seal 'N' Dry creates a closed vent variable volume system with an internal drying filter.

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Biomass Torrefication EquipmentA new processing method to turn waste biomass into a clean burning fuel.

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Dental Face ShieldA lightweight, disposable face shield that attaches directly to your glasses. Used by the dental and medical industry to protect from body fluid spatter and sprays.

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